Sequethia’s Surprise

Sequethia’s hands shook as she held the envelope an opened it.  As she pulled out its contents, she saw the standard cover-letter on the standard company letterhead but her eyes were so filled with tears that she couldn’t see the print.  She then decided to look at the other contents instead. She was surprised to [...]

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Sequethia Faces the Firing Squad

Sequethia could not believe that her “blowup” with Rich Yablonski was meaningless, and the conflict that this radical idea caused had lead her down a path of self-pity, fear and dread (she was afraid she would be fired).  Her downward spiral caused her to stay away from A Course In Miracles for almost a month, [...]

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Sequethia Gets A Fever

Each time Sequethia McQueen remembers the blowup she had with her bosses, she gets “hot under the collar”. She still remembers her rage boiling to the surface when she told Rich Yablonski where he could shove his “guesses”. She also remembers fearing for her job the moment those words (and others) flew out of her [...]

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Sequethia Comes Back

Sequethia was still reeling from the ideas that had polluted her mind during her “break”.  She realized that her mind had run rampant and caused her so much anxiety, depression and fear that she could barely make it home from work.  When she made it home, and realized that her “meaningless” thoughts had created a [...]

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Sequethia Takes A Break

As Sequethia left for work, she remembered the book, A Course In Miracles that her cousin Gail gave her before she passed (for more information on Gail you can click on Gail’s name anywhere it appears). She remembered her struggles “getting into” the book, with all its radical theories, and inverted language. She wished her thoughts [...]

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Sequethia Seeks Help

With the realization that she saw nothing as it is now, Sequethia became extremely frightened. She had the thought, so what is really true, and what is really real? If my thoughts and feelings aren’t true or real, am I true or real? This was just too much for her to bear, so she said, [...]

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Sequethia’s Startling Realization

As Sequethia finished her morning tea, she realized what a shocking set of memories and feelings she got simply from a cup. She was so alarmed that she threw her cup into the sink, as if to throw away the old, unsettling (and frankly, embarrassing) memories she associated with that Cape Cod vacation. She threw [...]

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Sequethia Snaps Back

When Sequethia’s mind “snapped back”, she realized that she had been totally transported back to the summer of 1986. She remembered more details about her powerful attraction to Chester (the Molester), and these details are available by clicking on his name). She had plenty of fights with Crystal, some of which are recounted when you click on [...]

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Sequethia Has A Vision

During her morning tea, Sequethia randomly chose a cup she was given in the Summer of ’86 during a memorable vacation with her girlfriends on Cape Cod. During this trip, there were hurt feelings, competition, disputes over money, as well as the wild and crazy times that would put the cast of Jersey Shore (the [...]

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Sequethia Sees A Mirage

This morning, Sequethia was struggling to print something from her computer at home. She really needed to print and fax the document before she left for work. It was supposed to be completed the previous day, but after printing several drafts, Sequethia decided to “sleep on it” before printing the final version. She clicked the [...]

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