Sequethia Snaps Back

When Sequethia’s mind “snapped back”, she realized that she had been totally transported back to the summer of 1986. She remembered more details about her powerful attraction to Chester (the Molester), and these details are available by clicking on his name). She had plenty of fights with Crystal, some of which are recounted when you click on [...]

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Sequethia Has A Vision

During her morning tea, Sequethia randomly chose a cup she was given in the Summer of ’86 during a memorable vacation with her girlfriends on Cape Cod. During this trip, there were hurt feelings, competition, disputes over money, as well as the wild and crazy times that would put the cast of Jersey Shore (the [...]

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Sequethia Sees A Mirage

This morning, Sequethia was struggling to print something from her computer at home. She really needed to print and fax the document before she left for work. It was supposed to be completed the previous day, but after printing several drafts, Sequethia decided to “sleep on it” before printing the final version. She clicked the [...]

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Sequethia Gets Slapped

Tim (Sequethia’s co-worker) was so excited about a project at work that he rushed into his boss’s office for clarification of an issue. His boss seemed to be wrapping up a meeting with Sequethia, and so Tim just asked a quick question. Sequethia felt as if someone had just slapped her in the face. She [...]

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Sequethia Is Happy

As a result of our experience together, Sequethia was happy again. When she lost her thumb drive, she she saw her whole life disintegrate. Because it contained her Doctoral Dissertation (which was a condition for her continued employment) she feared losing her job, her car, her house and more. She felt the terror of losing [...]

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Sequethia Asks, “How Do I Stop?”

Once the “dust” had settled, Sequethia asked me “What was that all about”? I shared with her that her experience was actually quite typical. We often apply meanings to things based on past experiences, and when we interpret the present based on the past, we tend to project past patterns forward and attract* the same [...]

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Sequethia’s Discovery

Once Sequethia calmed down, I was able to work with her. She asked me to “intuit” where she left her Thumb Drive. Intuitively, I saw a never-used, almost hidden pocket in her brief case and saw the drive slipping between the folds of this hidden pocket. I asked Sequethia if this made any sense to her [...]

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Sequethia McQueen and the Thumb Drive

My friend Sequethia McQueen recently called me in a frantic panic. In an alarmed, tearful voice, I heard her say she had lost her job, lost her home, lost her car and was devastated. I was amazed because I had just seen her the previous weekend, and none of this seemed imminent. As I helped [...]

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