Sequethia Takes A Break

As Sequethia left for work, she remembered the book, A Course In Miracles that her cousin Gail gave her before she passed (for more information on Gail you can click on Gail’s name anywhere it appears). She remembered her struggles “getting into” the book, with all its radical theories, and inverted language. She wished her thoughts [...]

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Sequethia Seeks Help

With the realization that she saw nothing as it is now, Sequethia became extremely frightened. She had the thought, so what is really true, and what is really real? If my thoughts and feelings aren’t true or real, am I true or real? This was just too much for her to bear, so she said, [...]

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Sequethia’s Startling Realization

As Sequethia finished her morning tea, she realized what a shocking set of memories and feelings she got simply from a cup. She was so alarmed that she threw her cup into the sink, as if to throw away the old, unsettling (and frankly, embarrassing) memories she associated with that Cape Cod vacation. She threw [...]

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