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Sequethia Faces the Firing Squad

Posted on February 1, 2012 - Filed Under Rev. Jim

Sequethia could not believe that her “blowup” with Rich Yablonski was meaningless, and the conflict that this radical idea caused had lead her down a path of self-pity, fear and dread (she was afraid she would be fired).  Her downward spiral caused her to stay away from A Course In Miracles for almost a month, but as her annual evaluation loomed closer, she realized that she needed help because she was in a deep depression, dreading the outcome of her evaluation.

On the day of her evaluation, Sequethia wore her new black, St. Johns suit, thinking, “If I go down, at least I’ll look good”.   Her evaluation was scheduled for 11:00 and as the time approached she steeled herself for what she thought was inevitable.  However, despite her taking multiple Gas-x tablets and trying to pray and meditate (she hadn’t gotten good at it yet) she could feel her stomach churning and the perspiration under the armpits of her beautiful coral silk blouse.

Her boss, Jim DeMartini, was one of the smartest, kindest men she had ever met.  He was also one of the toughest.  Her mind kept going back to the time he brought her into the office and told her “You are going to fail, and this is why…”  In that moment she hated him, but she took his advice and earned one of the biggest bonuses in the company that year as a result.  He was the only one who cared enough about her to tell her the truth and “straighten her out”.  She knew she was about to be “straightened out” again.

When she faced Jim at 11:00, she knew something was up the moment she saw his face.  He was joined by Mary Kunkel from HR and He didn’t mince words.  He started by reviewing the “blowup” she had with Rich Yablonski, and how the whole Vice Presidential Review Board was stunned by her behavior.  He shared that they had never seen anything like it, that it was unacceptable, inappropriate, and vulgar.  He mentioned that the whole Review Board agreed that her presentation overshadowed the excellence of all of her prior work (which had helped the company make millions) and showed a new level of insight into the business that was invaluable.  Her blowup showed that she was also, always willing to tell the truth, no matter who it might offend.

Then he handed her the large manila envelope, which she assumed was her termination package……

As she reached for the package to open it, she was enflamed with a fear that she had never known before.  She knew that her life, as she knew it was now ending so she took a deep breath and opened the package…….

Sequethia then understood more clearly Lesson 13 of A Course In Miracles:  A Meaningless World Engenders Fear.  The fear that engulfed her was because of her assumptions about her behavior in the Vice Presidential Review Board Meeting and her assumptions about what was going to happen to her as a result.

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