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Sequethia’s Surprise

Posted on February 6, 2012 - Filed Under Rev. Jim

Sequethia’s hands shook as she held the envelope an opened it.  As she pulled out its contents, she saw the standard cover-letter on the standard company letterhead but her eyes were so filled with tears that she couldn’t see the print.  She then decided to look at the other contents instead.

She was surprised to find that the other contents included details about her Life Insurance Policy, and other benefits. She was puzzled to find these contents, as she fully expected to see information about COBRA Insurance, and a referral to an executive outplacement firm.  She then focused on the letter once again to clear her confusion only to find that she was being promoted to Vice President, and the one of the many benefits was a company paid life insurance policy of $1M, and upgraded healthcare package, and other benefits that Company Officers received.

The world of “Sequethia getting fired” was a savage fantasy that existed only in Sequethia’s mind. It was not true. It was not real.  It was just a savage fantasy.  This helped Sequethia to realize that God did not create a meaningless world, but we create it every day with our thoughts.  She began to understand what A Course In Miracles meant when it used the term “meaningless”.  In the lexicon of A Course In Miracles, meaningless refers to a world where the meanings that she placed on things was not true or real, so these “meanings” were actually meaningless.  She was able to use this situation to understand A Course In Miracles Lesson 14:  God did not create a meaningless world.  In that lesson, the Course says “The world you see has nothing to do with reality.  It is of your own making and it does not exist.”

As a result of her experience, Sequethia could begin to understand how that statement could hold some element of truth.  She began to realize that although the physical world existed as she experienced it, her perception of this world was largely determined by her consciousness, and that she could change her consciousness and experience the world differently if she chose. She was then able to at least go through the motions of saying “God did not create that war, so it is not real. God did not create that plan crash so it is not real.  God did not create this thing that causes me anxiety so it is not real.

Of course Sequethia didn’t fully believe this craziness, but she could see how her mind, spinning out of control could land her into a savage fantasy world of her own making, and she began to contemplate the idea “what if this whole world was one big savage fantasy and wasn’t true or real in the eyes of God?”.  What if this whole world, and the savage fantasy that it depicts, was just a nightmare and I can now wake up to a new truth that could cause me to experience peace and joy?”

You, too, can wake up from any savage fantasy that you’ve created, and A Course In Miracles can help to gradually, comfortably shift the way you think and the way you see the world so that you can see peace instead of chaos.

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