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25 Facts from GOD

  1. You are my child.
  2. You are my creation.
  3. I am only Love.
  4. I have created you from Love.
  5. That which has been created of Love is Lovable.
  6. You are Lovable.
  7. You have permission to love yourself as I love you.
  8. You no longer have to withhold from yourself the blessings, benefits and gifts of my grace.
  9. You can allow yourself to do everything, to be everything and to have everything.
  10. There is no divinity in self-denial.
  11. Live your life with freedom and joy.
  12. Forgive yourself for your past.
  13. Forgive others who have wronged you.
  14. Free yourself from the chains of co-dependent games of power, control and emotional debt.
  15. Know always of My love for you.
  16. Let this blessed assurance give you confidence and peace.
  17. Send My love to others who know not of my love.
  18. Send My love to the parts of yourself that know not of my Love.
  19. As you vibrate with more of my Love, you attract more loving circumstances to your life.
  20. You have all the characteristics of my Light within you.
  21. You have the power, creativity, wisdom, innate loving nature and inner peace within you to create a more peaceful existence in your world.
  22. As you flow with, and align with my light you will create your heaven while here on earth.
  23. This heaven on earth is your birthright.
  24. You may create your birthright now, by using the tools of your innate wisdom.
  25. You have my permission to happy, fulfilled and self-loving just as you are.

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