I have listed links that enable you to download some of my sermons, lectures and Inspirations. These files are in a printable format. I hope you find them useful. They may also generate questions or discussion, and I’d be happy to discuss them with you. We can begin this dialogue if you hit the "Chat" button when you have had a chance to access these sermons.

Clearing Unconscious Kryptonite

Making Change Your Friend: The Miner's Miracle

Take the Lid off your Life!

Overcoming the Silent Saboteurs

Undoing Drama Addiction

Birthing Your Breakthrough


The New Meaning of Mercy

Crucifixion: Myth and Truth

The Art of Surrender

The Wizard Within

A Simple Exercise

Below I have attached links to some of my columns that have been printed in newspapers around the country.

Finding Your Soul’s Purpose

Creating Your Drama of Healing

Inner Awareness: A Key to Enlightened Living

Healing From The Inside Out


I have also had numerous articles printed in Newspapers around the country that cater to the LGBT Community. Below I have listed links to some of these articles.

Surviving Dating Purgatory

The Invisible Among Us

Walking The Daylight